light + motion

Today marks a special day.

light + motion
better together

Lights up when you're there. Shuts down when you're gone. Works fully autonomous (48V) and delivers up to 800 lumen. Say hello to the world's first invisible motion sensor.

light + ventilation
better together

Ever seen a good looking ventilation valve? We haven’t. And we wanted to change that. Meet light + ventilation. Award winning design, makes ventilation disappear.

light + ventilation drawing

“Every home needs ventilation
but nobody wants to see
ventilation valves.”

— Thibault Renson General Manager
Our story

sockets and switches
clean and minimal

Introducing ROND, the latest addition to our prado family. Enjoy pure cylindrical forms crafted from precision milled anodised aluminium, stone or brass. Discover a complete range from design sockets to switches and data points, stunning in every way.

ROND socket white