light ventilation
trim short

The world’s first good looking ventilation valve in an easy to install trim version. Fits in every Ø 125 valve adapter. Its IP65 rating makes it even suitable for showers. Works with DUCO. Works with Renson. Works with every other ventilation system.


product overview

 329,00 349,00 (excl. VAT)

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award winning design
makes ventilation disappear

Invisible air supply and extraction, up to 50m³/h. Works for your bathroom. Works for your living room. Works for any other room.

ventilation valves that
work with every system

Extract up to 50m³/h. Completely invisible and incredibly quiet. The trim ring fits in every Ø125 ventilation duct, a flow setting scale and rasterized adjustment positions allow easy and accurate adjustment. Simply twist the light to start tweaking. Light and ventilation valve are easily retractable, ideal for maintenance. An integrated lock prevents from accidentally modifying the air flow after installation. Introducing a ventilation valve that effortlessly works with every ventilation system. Works with DUCO, works with Renson, works with every other ventilation system.

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beautiful luminaires that
deliver sublime light

Pure cylindrical forms crafted from massive, precision milled, anodised aluminium. A custom-built glass lens that brings you a low glare light experience. Industry leading LED technology, delivering up to 1100 lumen. Its ability to rotate – up to 30° of tilt and 360° of rotation – along with its IP rating make it perfect for any type of room. Introducing a fixture that’s stunning in every way you look at it.

brass finishes
that stand out

Premium materials ensure high quality. For a more luxurious feel, brass fixtures are offered in five exclusive finishes upon request: brushed nickel, light bronze, dark bronze, canon de fusil light and canon de fusil dark. Though uniquely coloured batches are consistent, they cannot be identically recreated.

air flow max. 50 m3/h
pressure 7-75 Pa
noise level < 25 dB(A)
adjustment 32 steps
lock mechanism integrated
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Product details

drawing light + ventilation trim short
icoon boormaat 132
icoon gewicht 0.8


glass lens
beam angle
25° 40° 60°
light temperature
2700K 3000K
power supply
max. 500 mA
up to 600 lumen
90+ 97
driver excl.
class III
air extraction
air flow
max. 50 m³/h
< 25 dB(A)
7 - 75 Pa
32 steps
locking mechanism
patent pending

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