Residence AD by decancq vercruysse – architects

Contractor Kordekor
Project type Residence
Photo- and videography Samedia
Location Brussels, BE
Year 2024
  • tribute to Antoine Depage

    Residence AD, located in the former Chirurgical Institute Berkendael in Brussels, epitomises historical Art Deco finesse. Designed by the renowned architect Jean-Baptiste Dewin in 1926, this building showcases the sleek elegance of geometrical Art Deco architecture. Antoine Depage's statue and Dewin's name etched in stone further elevate its historical significance.

vision of decancq vercruysse – architects

Decancq vercruysse – architects, renowned for crafting memorable spaces that create comfort and happiness, has brought new life to this historical gem. With years of experience and extensive research, Vercruysse has honed an expertise in well-crafted architecture, design, and the finest techniques. The main goal is for every project to tell its own unique story, perfectly complementing prado’s vision.

warm homeliness 

One of the standout features of this project is its ability to exude immense tranquillity and warm homeliness. The entrance hall, in particular, makes a bold statement, setting the tone for the entire space. This sense of warmth is meticulously carried through every detail, from the steel doors and intricate furniture details to the seamlessly integrated, trimless ventilation diffusers. The collaboration with prado ensured that every element, down to the colour-matched fixtures, was perfectly aligned.

  • elegance of natural materials

    In the Antoine Depage project, natural materials play a pivotal role in enhancing the building’s timeless appeal. The design incorporates expressive wood patterns and distinct natural stone textures, bringing a touch of organic elegance to the interior. The use of these materials not only pays homage to the building's historical roots but also adds a layer of sophistication and warmth to the overall design.

  • craftmanship in every detail

    Kordekor’s dedication to quality craftsmanship is evident in every detail of Residence AD. Their passion for pushing aesthetic boundaries and meticulous attention to detail result in bespoke, unique interiors that perfectly match the project's vision.

    Residence AD stands as a harmonious blend of historical Art Deco finesse, natural materials, and warm homeliness, offering a modern yet historically rich environment.

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