GM house by Simon De Burbure

Photography Tijs Vervecken
Location Merelbeke, Belgium
Year 2024
  • a timeless transformation

    Nestled in serene rural surroundings, an old farmhouse has been beautifully transformed. This renovation honours its historic charm while embracing a contemporary twist, blending tradition with modern design to create a unique living space that respects the past and looks to the future.

    The house has been stripped down to its core and reimagined as a peaceful haven. This thoughtful renovation bridges old and new, offering a sanctuary that feels both familiar and refreshingly new.

natural elegance

Natural materials bring the vision to life. Warm oak, dark green natural stone echoing the landscape, and soft, rustic lime form the foundation of this elegant redesign. These materials create a harmonious connection between the farmhouse and its natural environment.

a play of light and shadow

Natural light plays a key role in this transformed farmhouse. Filtered through surrounding trees, it creates a dynamic interplay of light and shadow on textured walls. Delicate cannage details add sophistication and enhance the serene atmosphere.

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