Appartment VL by Grain Design

Interior architecture Grain Design Office
Photography Tijs Vervecken
Location Duinbergen, BE
Year 2023
  • Indigo appartment

    Indulge in the coastal lifestyle within this seaside apartment. Experience an uninterrupted transition from the living room to the kitchen, unveiling a mesmerizing panorama bathed in calming shades of blue.

  • Subtle elegance

    The gentle touch of light cherry wood infuses warmth, and the kitchen island proudly showcases a unique natural stone, anchoring the space in enduring elegance.

At first glance, its magnificence is evident. With a delicate architectural balance between exposed concrete and brick, this ingenious structure stands as a true gem of brutalist design nestled in the heart of Rumbeke. AR-architects, in collaboration with Frederic Kielemoes, have united their expertise to embark on the journey of renovating and restoring this grand villa.

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