rond 2.0 data ports module
for 2 keystones (empty)

Discover the rond 2.0 data ports. Compatible with the rond 2.0 retrofit and easyfit installation kit. Keystones (RJ45, coax, hdmi) and installation are kit sold separately. Available from September 2023.


product overview

 49,00 69,00 (excl. VAT)

Product details

all-new module
endless possibilities

Installing in wood, veneer, stone, thin or thick plaster? With rond 2.0, the possibilities are endless. Choose the appropriate kit - multifit, retrofit or easyfit - for your specific application.

Product details

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every 45° rotatable
ambient temperature
-5 till +40°C
IP rating
IK rating

fits in wood, veneer and stone

The ultimate solution for furniture applications. With an outside diameter of only 52mm. Requires a Ø48 hole and an 8-30mm panel thickness. Flush or with a small trim? The choice is yours.

+ removable
+ freely rotatable
+ wide range of finishes

fits in universal Ø68 junction boxes

The ultimate solution for universal junction boxes, round or square. For both new build and renovations. Available trimless or with a small trim, for easy plastering. Electrical connections remain accessible after plastering. Removable by tool.

+ removable
+ every 45° rotatable
+ wide range of finishes

fits in solid, plastered walls

The ultimate solution for brick walls. The Ø130 rond plaster box allows up to 3 times faster installation. Thanks to the all-new rond 2.0 module, electrical connections now remain accessible after plastering. Available trimless or with a small trim, for easy plastering. Same design, new possibilities.

+ removable
+ every 45° rotatable
+ wide range of finishes

the finishing touch
choose your finish

Choosing the application is one thing. Choosing the finish, however, rounds it off. We start with plastic: choose your black or white to aluminium all the way to brass ... The choice is yours.

A plastic finish (black or white) already results in a pleasing appearance. Aluminium is then an optimal base material. Black anodization and white structure powder coating are the standard finishes. Or choose your customized colour for a specific project. Looking for exclusive finishes on brass? The difference between aluminium and brass lies mainly in the options for finishes and the more rustic look and feel. Choose one of the five exclusive finishes: brushed nickel, light bronze, dark bronze, canon de fusil light and canon de fusil dark.

removable by tool
always accessible

The all-new rond switch can also be removed from its kit after installation. In this way, wires remain accessible at any time.