acrobat surface
duo / trio

This acrobat surface ceiling base comes with with 2 or 3 fully adjustable fixtures (v 90° h 360°), hence the name. It’s the ideal solution for renovations or new-builds with limited ceiling height. Enjoy up to 1000 lumen per fixture, depending on size and beam angle. A recessed lens brings you a glare free light experience. Comes with an invisible hinge and a surface mounting kit. Show what you want, hide what you need.

product overview

 899,00 1.269,00 (excl. VAT)

Product details

introducing mini

Same solutions. Same performance. Smaller design.

Product details

icoon rotatie 360°
icoon gewicht 1,8


Ceiling base dimensions
300 x 50 x 30 (l x w x h)
2 x LED 3 x LED
black ano white struc
Beam angle
20° 40°
Light temperature
2700K 3000K
Power supply
up to 700 mA
up to 1.000 lumen
CRI 90+ CRI 97
integrated (dali + push dim)
Class III


unique finishes
from pure brass

We use brass as a base material to create truly unique finishes as brushed nickel, light bronze, dark bronze, canon de fusil and blackened brass. These luminaires are available project based only to ensure unique and consistent finishing across each batch.

brass sample set