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Same solutions. Same performance. Smaller design.

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I. material and finish

High quality starts with premium materials. The materials we work with reflect what prado stands for: functional aesthetics with a close attention to detail.

Aluminium as our core

Aluminium is an optimal base material. Why? Once milled, it meets our high tolerance standards and results in a better thermal conductivity. These fixtures are available in two standard finishes: black anodization and white structure powder coating. However, customised colours for specific projects are also a possibility.

Exclusive finishes on brass

The difference between aluminium and brass lies mainly in the options for finishes and the more rustic look and feel. We offer our brass fixtures upon request in five exclusive finishes: brushed nickel, light bronze, dark bronze, canon de fusil light and canon de fusil dark. The uniquely coloured batches are still consistent with their counterparts, but cannot be identically recreated. This adds to the unique and rustic character of our brass fixtures.

II. size and performance

A smaller luminaire often means less light output. Not with mini. The challenge was to create a smaller fixture, without compromising on light output.

Small size and big performance

In order to design our new LED module with a diameter of only 38 mm, everything is designed and built from scratch. The heart of our LED module houses a powerful yet compact LED engine that enables a light output of up to 1000 lumen. It comes in 2700K and 3000K, CRI 90+ or 97. The LED is mounted on the heatsink in such a way that optimal thermal conductivity is established. Assuring a better longevity and consistent light output throughout its complete lifecycle.

The right angle

Mini controls the light in such a way that it creates a unique atmosphere in every space. In our aim to offer a wide array of options for different applications, we offer luminaires with glass and polycarbonate lenses. The mini collection offers a 20° and a 40° beam angle, so the desired atmosphere can be realised.

III. vision and philosophy

Peace of mind at home

A home is more than meets the eye. It is the place where we connect with our loved ones and express our true selves. It is a reflection of our inner world on the outside. And it is the place where we feel at peace. Now more than ever, in a world of constant movement, that peace of mind has become one of the most important quests in life.

There already exist a lot of tools to create a serene home: from smart timers to smart speakers that set the mood when you enter your house. However, we believe that true serenity in a space can only be created through a holistic and integrated approach.

Show what you want, hide what you need

With prado we provide a set of tools to create a peaceful home environment. By creating solutions that combine multiple products, we are helping to create cleaner ceilings. And ultimately serene homes. The aim of our products is to enhance the essence by hiding what is unnecessary. So you can come home to an interior where function, form and sustainability are in harmony.

Applied to the mini collection

Our latest mini collection offers those same solutions, now in an even smaller design. Smaller means still visually pleasing. Smaller means present but not too present. Smaller means new challenges that result in unique solutions that push the boundaries of what was possible before.

IV. people and process

Pragmatic approach

With everything we do, we start by asking the same question: "How can we create value in a pragmatic way?". Our approach translates itself into extensive market research and conversations with architects. We listen to their wants and needs and make it our goal to create innovative, yet aesthetic, solutions for the problems they face.

Minimal and functional design

Minimalism defines the core of our design process. prado collections are utilitarian and solution focused. Joost Sockeel (product design) : “Our approach towards innovation is always based on three pillars: minimalism, functionality and design.”

Extensive R&D

We rely on a team of experts with decades of experience in both the lighting and ventilation industry. “At prado, the design and production of every new fixture is a balancing act between form, material, functionality and technique. Always with the aim of creating added value for everyone involved”, states Bart De Zutter (R&D).

Production & assembly

After extensive research and testing, prado fixtures are precisely engineered and milled. Every single fixture is then hand assembled in our factory and checked by man to guarantee high quality products.

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