type G

Introducing rond type G, the minimalist socket for the UK and the Middle East. Installation kit and cover plate in finish of choice sold separately.


product overview

 39,00 79,00 (excl. VAT)

Usually ships in 2-4 days.

Recommended accessories

Consider adding these items for a successful installation.

Unifit series.

Fixates in the plate thickness of choice.

unifit wired or wireless
fits in wood, veneer and stone

The ultimate solution for furniture applications. Requires a Ø44 hole and a 12-30mm panel thickness. Flush mount countersink is optional. Wired or wireless? The choice is yours.

+ removable
+ freely rotatable
+ wide range of finishes

retrofit short
for plastered walls

The ultimate solution for plastered walls. With a depth of only 25mm, this socket fits in standard junction boxes. Available trimless or with a small trim, for easy plastering. Electrical connections remain accessible after plastering. Removable by tool.

+ removable
+ every 45° rotatable
+ wide range of finishes

Product details

removable (by tool)
always accessible

While the unifit socket can be removed without tool, the retrofit socket is removable with a tool so you can access wiring after installation.

rond 2.0 | removal tool