empty floor box
socket type E/F

Introducing the world’s smallest, minimalist floor socket. Continuing the legacy of the rond 2.0 series, its compact design sets a new standard for seamless living. With an elegant choice of Ø60 or Ø68 cover plate, this IP66-rated floor socket is ideal for concrete, wood and tiles. Patent pending. Socket module and cover plate sold separately.


product overview

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the world's smallest
floor socket

Both versions of the IP66 empty floor boxes are compatible with the retro/easy/backfit trimless socket module, type E/F from the rond 2.0 series. Make it yours.

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always accessible
power plug as a tool

Effortlessly open and close the cover plate with a power plug, eliminating the need for extra tools. Our design conceals screws and ensuring the cover plate aligns perfectly every time, for a seamless finish.

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Product details


IP rating
IP66: closed IP20: open
retro/easy/backfit trimless socket module - type E/F
*socket module sold separately
Ø60: concrete Ø68: wood and tiles
through bottom
IK rating
250V / 16A
flush-mounting depth
93 mm
ambient temperature
-5 till 40°C
patent pending

the finishing touch
exclusive finishes

Selecting the application is merely the first step. Then select the final touch from our exclusive finishes: brushed steel, brushed brass, brushed dark bronze or brushed canon de fusil dark. Each finish is crafted to seamlessly integrate with your unique style.

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