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Location Denmark, Aarhus

shaping moods with light

Ampell is a Aarhus-based lighting design company. The team is made up of lighting specialists skilled in designing lighting concepts for both private and professional use. Their goal is to enhance the quality of the spaces we inhabit daily, by creating light experiences and moods that enrich life, not only at home, but also in workplaces, in cultural venue, and beyond.

The primary focus at Ampell is on shaping moods with light and creating perfect lighting designs that can achieve the desired vision. The design process involves finding the appropriate lighting that can shape the space in the best way possible.

We see the great added value of prado in the smart combinations, such as light with ventilation in one luminaire, light and a motion detector and cameras.

— Rasmus Gyberg,
founder Ampell

high standards for light and production quality

According to Rasmus Gyberg, the founder of Ampell, the company is selective about who they work with, as they have high standards for light and product quality. Ampell's collaboration with prado is particularly exciting because of the potential to create cleaner ceilings.

meticulous design process approach

Ampell's design process focuses on discovering the most suitable lighting for a space by selecting the layers of light required and then choosing the appropriate products from their catalogue. This meticulous approach yields favourable results in lighting, design, and the overall process.

As Dagmar Milthers puts it, "Ampell is all about good lighting, good lighting design and a good process." Their dedication to creating light experiences and moods that enrich people's lives, coupled with their commitment to providing superior lighting solutions, make them an ideal partner for prado.

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